Valuing Innovation is an online community started by Tim Harder, the General Partner and Founder of BellVista, where the firm’s thought leaders can discuss the new technologies driving interest and investment from private equity firms and venture capitalists, and business best practices for startups and technologists looking to get investment and grow their companies.

Valuing Innovation was created as:

  • A platform to discuss the challenges enterprises are facing that could be opportunities for those innovating today’s advanced technologies.
  • A forum to share which new technologies and solutions are potential game changers with the opportunity to be truly disruptive and revolutionary for their users.
  • And a tool where readers can learn from the firm’s decades of experience in the technology industry – especially in the areas of Big Data, cloud and security.

But this certainly isn’t only about BellVista.

Guest technologists, investors and thought leaders are also being asked to share their thoughts on the technology trends they’re seeing in the marketplace, tips for early stage technology startups and the best ways for these companies to work with and identify potential investors and partners to help them grow. Their content will be featured whenever possible on the site.

We also want to hear from you, our readers. If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to discuss, if you’ve had a particular reaction to something we’ve written or if you’d simply like to ask a question, drop us a comment and let us know. We’d be excited and interested in hearing from you and engaging with you.

Thank you for coming to the new Valuing Innovation. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas about technology and business with you.

About our contributors:
timharderTim Harder
At BellVista, Tim helps build technology companies, and believes that growth comes from doing the right thing for customers.

During his career, he has the opportunity to have run businesses from pre-revenue to over $1B annually. As a owner of market creation and expansion programs, his work has generated value on the top and bottom lines at each business stage from incubation (0-$10M), growth ($10M-$50M), expansion ($50M-$200M), geographic leader ($200M-$400M) and global market provider ($500M-$2B+) through organic operations, acquisitions and restructures.

Tim’s specialty is in startups and turnaround management, with core competencies aligned with Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security. He has lead four startup organizations that generated material-sized returns from successful sales, restructuring and investment activities in 35+ different countries.

Through those experiences, he has worked with nearly every company in the Fortune 500, Global 2000 and the top 100 most disruptive startup organizations inventing the future. He has advised senior government leaders on national strategic programs, testified in front of the United States Congress on innovation and cyber warfare, and has experience as a 30(b)(6) expert witness during bet-the-business litigation events at the multibillion dollar scale.

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